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Who We Are

Grey Space Consulting specializes in perfecting companies’ CX for customers, agents, and executive teams. We accomplish this through a mastery of tools like Zendesk Suite, Kustomer, and more, building stable, scalable support organizations. From initial buildouts to fine-tuning for established brands, we help you get the most out of your support org, including faster and more accurate handling of tickets, better day-to-day team management, and data capture to help guide your important business decisions.

Our core belief is that your operations teams should not scale linearly with your business. Having worked with on-the-couch startups, hyper-growth unicorns, and international corporations, we understand the nuances of what your business needs.

Grey Space’s engagements are more than just a contract. We form deep partnerships with our clients, which allows us to intimately understand your business. This includes frequent check-in and status calls, and anything else your team needs to feel comfortable with us. The better we understand your business, the better we can make your operation a success.

Our team has received commendations from both the Zendesk and Kustomer implementation teams (references available), have been invited to be keynote speakers at both Zendesk and Kustomer's annual conferences.

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